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Welcome to the Carmelite Priory Mdina

Carmelite Priory Mdina

The Carmelite friars resident at the historical Priory in Mdina invite you to experience both the spiritual and the daily way of life in this spectacular 17th century priory. The Carmelite Priory offers the unique opportunity of visiting various rooms that include a decorative refectory, an authentic kitchen, a typical friars cell, as well as a sober oratory, amongst others to get a taste of the spiritual, artistic, historical and cultural heritage of Carmelites. The impressive church also forms part of the same visit. The visit is always guided by a resident friar.

The Ethos of the Place

Carmelite Priory Mdina - The Priory Corridors

The Carmelite Priory is the first priory in Malta to be open to visitors in an attempt to share with contemporary people the Carmelite heritage handed down to us from one generation to the other. Carmelite friars living here share their lifestyle with visitors who wish to pay a visit in the historical spaces, or to spend days of recollection, organise spiritual and cultural events, or participate in the courses organised by the Carmelite Institute Malta at the Priory in conjunction with the Faculty of Theology at University of Malta and the Pastoral Formation Institute.

You are more than welcome to participate in the daily prayer schedule of the community from Monday to Saturday starts at 6.30am with Rosary and Lauds in the Choir and Holy Mass at 7am in the Church every morning. Office of Readings and Midday prayers at 1pm in the Choir and Vespers at 8pm in the Priory’s Oratory. On Sundays Mass is celebrated at 5.30am, 7am and 8.30am. Morning prayers start at 7.40am in the Church.

The Carmelite Priory opened to the public in November 2008, following an extensive restoration project which took place on both the building as well as the artefacts kept at the priory.  snack.

The Carmelite Priory is also a cultural centre promoting artistic, literary and cultural activities aiming at helping visitors to come to contact with God through the experience of what is beautiful.

In aid of the ongoing restoration of the Priory the Carmelite Priory offers also the possibility of holding evening events including dinners (for a small group of 15 pax) or conferences which are usually held in the Beautiful Baroque Refectory. Have you got an idea? Let us know.


Spirituality and Politics



  • 6:30 am Rosary
  • 6:45 am Lauds
  • 7:00 am Holy Mass
  • 12:30 pm Office of Readings & Midday Prayer
  • 5:30 pm (Wednesdays) Holy Mass
  • 7:00 pm (Saturdays) Lectio Divina in common
  • 7:30 pm Meditation
  • 8:00 pm Vespers
  • Full schedule



Carmelite Priory Villegaignon Street Mdina, Malta
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