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    Carmelite Priory, Mdina
  • Date :

    1 February and 21 March 2020
  • Time :

    09:30am - 04:00pm
  • Price :

    Free Entrance

Carmelite Institute Malta is also organising two day-seminars on Carmelite Spirituality.

First, on 1 February 2020, Dr Edward Clemmer will be presenting a relatively unknown Carmelite text from the Flemish Medieval tradition entitled “The Spiritual Pilgrimage” by Jan van Pascha. The text recounts day-by-day meditations that a certain pilgrim has in hand during his pilgrimages both to Jerusalem and back to his home town. The original itinerary leaves from Louvain and arrives in Jerusalem. But interestingly the Medieval translations of this text depict the pilgrim leaving, for instance, from London in the English translation and from Paris in the French translation. This text is believed to be the very first form of what eventually became the fourteen Stations of the Cross.

Second, on 21 March 2020, Rev. Martin de la Croix O.Carm. will be presenting Ven. John of St Samson’s mystical experience, a French Carmelite lay brother who has had profound influence on the mystical life of the Order. John of St Samson was born on 30 December 1571 and christened in Sens-de-Bretagne. In his childhood he was blinded by an incompetent physician after contracting chicken pox. Orphaned at a young age, he had a difficult childhood. But as a talented musician, he eventually moved to Paris where he came across the Carmelites in Place Maubert in 1603, and in 1606 he joined the Order in Dol-de-Bretagne. In 1612 he was transferred to Rennes where he became the spiritual soul of the Reform Movement of Touraine. Being a Master of Novices for many years until his death, his deep mystical life made him a seasoned teacher in the path of the spiritual life. His teachings, dictated to novices and disciples, have reached us in over 4000 manuscript folios. Lover of solitude, made fruitful by the encounter with God, he was aflame with ardent love for humanity especially the poor and the ailing to whom he ministered through his charism of healing. He passed away in odour of sanctity on 14 September 1636 at Rennes. His last words were: “With Christ, I am affixed to the cross.”

Both seminars will take place at the premises of the Carmelite Institute in Mdina between 09:30 a.m. and 04:00 p.m.

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