Sanskrit Spirituality Seminar

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    Carmelite Priory Mdina
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    Friday 20th till Sunday 22nd May 2016
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    Free Participation

This seminar, which will span over two weekends, is open to the general public. Lectures will be delivered in English by Prof. Michael Zammit. The second weekend will follow from the first.

As a Christian institution, the Carmelite Priory Mdina wishes to expose those who attend to the beauty of other non-Christian spiritualities and, thereby, help people appreciate and respect the diversity and validity of spiritual experiences.

The module will expose those who attend to some recognition of the deeper values instilled by learning this ancient and extraordinary language, an appreciation of some of the vast literature recorded by Sanskrit, its philosophy, as well as its subtler spiritual dimension, and, obviously, there will be tuition in the direction of reading and writing, and the experience of sounding Sanskrit verses.


By the end of the module, those who attend will have mastered skills in appreciating not just the literal significance of Sanskrit statements but also become aware of some of its deeper structures and spiritual significance. Philologists will also make wider connections with such other Sanskrit-derived languages as Greek, Latin, Ancient Slavonic, and other European languages.

Those who wish, can also ask to have this module accredited by being assessed. This module is accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education, through the Pastoral Formation Institute. Containing a total of 28 hours (shared between lecturing and workshops), it is worth 4 ECTS. In order to qualify for the formal accreditation of this seminar, attendance during both weekends is obligatory.

TSanskrit_Spirituality_Posterhe assessment shall consist of presenting:

i) a logbook tracing the student’s guided process of learning through the module (70%);

ii) a 1,000-word assignment (30%).

We would like to inform those interested to participate in the seminar, after some queries, that this is an academic seminar and no esoteric practices are involved. Ill-intentioned applicants will be asked to leave the seminar.

The seminar’s programme can be downloaded from here
Interested participants for this seminar are invited to email on

Professor ZammitMichael Zammit is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy of The University of Malta. His classes on Plato, Plotinus, Boethius and Marsilio Ficino are balanced off by his other interests involving the Philosophical Notions of the Sanskrit, Advaita Vedanta Philosophy, The Bhagavad Gita and Introductions to both Hindu and Buddhist Philosophies. Among other publications and papers he translated Plato’s Apology and The Bhagavad Gita into Maltese.

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