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    Faculty of Theology, Room 317, University of Malta
  • Date :

    29 April 2019
  • Time :

    15:30 - 16:30
  • Price :

    Free entrance

As people of the 21st century we are passing through a critical time on many levels. Globally we are facing a serious climate change, the effects of an economic crisis are having their toll on many, in Europe we witness the struggle to come to terms with the refugee crisis. The critical point faced not only on a national and international level but also on the level of identity and rootedness on a personal level, is infact a decisive point where important changes for better or worse take place.

So the existential question that comes to our minds and hearts is: How to live in times of crisis? In this lecture Drs. Sanny Bruijns will look at professor Titus Brandsma [1881-1942] as a model of contemplative resistance in times of crisis.


Drs. Sanny Bruijns o.carm. studied theology and spirituality at the Catholic University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. She lives in the Carmelite community of Nijmegen, that is responsible for the Titus Brandsma Memorial. After her studies she worked at the Titus Brandsma Institute and she became a member of the parish team of the inner city of Nijmegen. The fruit of her inner journey resulted in various papers and talks. At present she is working as a retreat leader and a spiritual director for religious in the Netherlands.


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