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March – Holy Week Programme

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Slowly but steadily we are approaching Holy Week which commemorates the last week of Jesus’ life on earth, his Holy Passion and Glorious Resurrection. In preparation to this Liturgical Season at the Priory we have set up an iconographic exhibition displaying works of Mr Vincent Mangani, SDC. The exhibition, Il-Ktieb il-Kbir, will be open daily till March 28. Visitors will find copies of Saint George Preca’s book Il-Ktieb il-Kbir to help meditate on the icons displayed. On March 21st, we will have the inauguration of the recently restored 18th century painting of Our Lady of Sorrows. The painting, originally situated on the altar of the Addolorata Chapel in the Carmelite Church was recently restored by ReCoop Ltd. On Saturday 24th, Holy Week celebrations will commence at the Priory with the celebration of Palm Sunday Vespers and Lectio Divina. We invite you to download the Holy Week Programme with details of the schedule of the daily liturgies. We would like to point out here the Via Crucis, Mass and Adoration of the Cross on Wednesday of Holy Week at 5.00pm. On Good Friday after the Liturgical Commemoration of the Passion and Death of Christ, we will re-enact the deposition from the Cross and the burial of Christ. The church will be open for silent prayer after the celebration. On Saturday of Holy Week the church will be open for silent prayer and at noon we will celebrate the Lamentation of the Virgin and the preparation of the high altar with perfumed ointments for Easter.

During the seven weeks of Easter, every Wednesday we celebrate the Joys of the Virgin. This cycle of celebrations starts on April 4th. On that day, we will join the Carmelite Province in the Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Valletta for the Rite of Consecration of the Church. Transport will be available from Mdina to Valletta and way back. Those who would like to join us, are requested to book their transport seat till Monday 2nd April.

While wishing you a a Blessed and Holy Easter, we invite you to join us in the Liturgical life of the Priory during this season.

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