Feb 11th

Hwawar u Fjuri – Workshop Invitation

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Hwawar u Fjuri

“when honey bees dance

waggling provocative tail…

queen bee smiles sweetly”

John Freeman

Workshop Invitation

What if we met to exchange our stories, be they personal, ethnic, cultural, spiritual or traditional, on the use of herbs and flowers?

We, at the Proġett Ħwawar u Fjuri, want to invite you just for that! Join us at our first workshop, L-Ikla, where we will meet together to exchange our stories on Saturday 1st of March between 9:00a.m. and 12:00a.m., at the Carmelite’s Priory in Mdina. The workshop will be facilitated by Censu Caruana and Simona Lippi.

Workshop Concept – L-ikla

Flowers have been associated with food for centuries with different cultures, such as the Greeks, Chinese and Romans, incorporating flowers in their traditional recipes. Herbs of course give that added flavour and spark to food.

Which flowers do you incorporate into your traditional dishes? Which “secret” herbs do you incorporate in your liqueur, tea and/or Syrup? Do you have a recipe involving flowers to share? How are flowers and herbs incorporated to add health and vitality into your food?

How do you dry and store edible flowers or herbs? How do you candy flowers? Do you have a story to tell about bees, flowers and honey? Come and share your culture and family’s stories relating to flowers, herbs and food.

How to Participate?

If you wish to take part in the workshops, please send us a letter of motivation by Monday 24th of February on hwawar.fjuri@gmail.com. All accepted participants will be given 20€ after the workshop as a sign of gratuity for participating and sharing their stories with us. Should you wish to apply, but not want to be photographed, please feel free to contact us to make the necessary arraignments.

Proġett Ħwawar u Fjuri,
Integra, 124,
St. Ursula street,
Valletta, Malta
Email: hwawar.fjuri@gmail.com
Website: http://hwawarfjuri.wordpress.com
Disclaimer – Dan il-Proġett huwa ffinanzjat mill-Premju tal-President għall-Kreattività.
Disclaimer – This project is funded by the President’s Creativity Award.
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