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October 2016 Newsletter

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Summer is past. Thankfully we are enjoying showers at the start of Autumn. The season thrusts us into starting afresh with a programme of activities at the Priory. As customary we are in full preparation for the spiritual, formative and cultural activities which bring us together in sharing life and special moments at the Priory. On the 12th of October the Secular Carmelite Order’s monthly meetings will commence. we start with moments of prayer at 5pm, including the recitation of the Carmelite Rosary, then Holy Mass and after prayerful adoration and vespers we gather in the Priory for the formation meeting. we are also finalising the Lectio Divina programme for the year and Titus Brandsma Circle meetings.

picture-prospectus-instituteThe Carmelite Institute Malta kicks off the academic year at the Priory on October 8th with a varied programme of lectures, seminars and talks in Spirituality. This year we have some interesting seminars to mark important events like the 450th anniversary of St Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, the 100th anniversary of Charles de Foucauld, and the canonization of Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity.

The Carmelite Institute Malta is partner with the Faculty of Theology in the Masters (MA) programme of Spiritual Theology. The MA programme takes three academic years to complete. Late applicants are still on time to apply for this course starting next week.

On October 1st we will celebrate St Therese of Lisieux. At the 7am mass, there will be the traditional blessing of roses.

In the following months in 2016-2017 the Carmelite Province will be organizing day retreats for Lay people, Consecrated and Priests, a spart of the activities of the 450th birth anniversary of St Mary Magdalen de’ Pazzi. This year we were blessed with quite a number of pilgrimage groups to our Church on their way to the Jubilee Holy Door at the Cathedral.

On October 5th the Priory will host the book launch of the first edition of Fr. Charlò Camilleri’s poetry. Entrance is free. For more information find the event of facebook.


Unfortunately gossip is still roaming around that the Mdina Priory has been closed for some years and the Priory was abandoned. As you know this is far from true… the Mdina Priory is home to a Carmelite religious community, and the place is bubbling with activity, offering a spiritual haven for many. So help us spread the word…

While thanking you for your support and prayers, we look forward to meet you in the coming days…

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