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    Carmelite Church - Mdina - Malta
  • Date :

    25th October - 15th November 2014
  • Time :

    10:00 - 13:00
  • Price :

    30 Euros per three-hour workshop + materials. Students may choose to bring their own materials. Choices will be discussed in the first workshop.

Art-making Workshops
Telling our Stories Through Imagery

25 Oct. – Mixed Media Tips and Ideas for designing Story Panels
1 Nov. – Creating the Background
8 Nov. – Creating the Design
15 Nov.- Refining the Design

Detailed programme can be downloaded from here

Interested participants are to email Marianne Ogden on marianneo.esl@gmail.com

Poster - Workshops

In these four Saturday classes, Marianne Ogden, artist, instructor and demonstrator, will guide you through the creative process for planning and making your own story panels. You will learn and use fun, new mixed media techniques. Marianne will explore how ancient, local, pop, and folk icons can be used for developing themes from our experiences.

These workshops are open to adults. No special artistic skill or experience is needed. Whether embarking on a spiritual journey or simply desiring to unlock one’s creative energy, these workshops are designed to give voice to those powerful turning points in our lives. Through imagery, valuable insights can surface in new and profound ways.

Bring a sacked lunch.We’ll take care of the coffee and tea. Invite your friends and relatives, those who desire to create and learn. Themes for art panels may include:

Beginning the Quest Journeys-thumb
Hidden Treasure in Hard Times
Creative Impulses
The Hand of God
Good News 
Gathering Storm
Before we can fly, we need… 
Meaningful Coincidences
A Chain of Events that Brought us to this Place 
Feet of Clay
A Turning Point 
Counter-intuitive Truths
Spiritual Rebirth 
When Bad News Comes
Chrysalis of Hope
Looking for OzJourneys-thumb2
Traveling Companions on the Yellow Brick Road 
Facing Heritage
Invisible Forces and Protection 
Mystical Gifts
From Weakness to Strength 
Finding the Emerald City
Speaking Up 
Timeless and Timely Miracles
A New Paradigm 
Facing Witches
Getting Wings
Further Up and Further In

Interested participants are to email Marianne Ogden on marianneo.esl@gmail.com

For more information on the Exhibition Featuring the Contemporary Art of Marianne Ogden click here


Marianne Ogden 2Marianne Ogden, first established herself as a portrait artist but has recently taken a new direction toward contemporary mixed media. Her imaginative constructions tell stories in painting, collage and assemblage. Born in the United States, she began oil painting as a child with a private tutor and then at (what was) the Canton Art Institute. Later, she received a BS in Education from Taylor University and an MA in Intercultural Communication from Wheaton. Independently, Ogden continued to make portraits and other paintings for herself and friends.

By the mid 90’s, her art had shown throughout the Midwest and East coast of the U.S., winning notable awards. She had entered exhibits and quickly found a following. At first, she primarily painted watercolor portraits of children. Then, with more and more requests for paintings of adults, she integrated her earlier training in oils. She had become a proven artist. Her work also won the respect of Woodward Academy, a premier private school in Atlanta, where she was asked to be an Art Instructor.

Later, she moved to New York City. Throughout the next ten years, she taught there and began to create more personal works in mixed media. In the process, teaching art expanded her technical range and supplied her with endless inspiration. “Finally, I feel that as an artist I really have something to say.” Today she lives in Malta and enjoys blending her traditional painting with mixed media techniques.

LogoThis event is organised in collaboration with Malta Women in Business


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